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Jim Hogg County Courthouse

The 1913 Jim Hogg County Courthouse is the only courthouse the county has ever had. Designed by San Antonio architect Henry T. Phelps, it has been remodeled several times and it's an icon in the Hebbronville skyline.

Vaquero Capitol of Texas and the USA

Since 1883 Hebbronville has enjoyed a solid reputation as the country’s largest cattle-shipping center and, to this day, the area still stands as a major ranching center. This explains why Hebbronville also holds the title of “Vaquero Capitol of Texas and the USA”.

Scotus College

In 1926, Scotus College, a Franciscan seminary moved to Hebbronville from Mexico to escape persecution. It could accommodate up to twenty students preparing for the priesthood.

Public Notices


Jim Hogg County Transportation Department provides Demand Response service under the rural transportation program. This provides a curb to curb service that picks up clients from Hebbronville, Texas and transports them to their designated doctor appointments, social service needs, and shopping. It utilizes two buses for the use of transporting the elderly and disabled and general public needing medical assistance into Laredo, Texas (Webb County) three times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8am to 4pm. This department is run by a total of four employees: transportation director, bus driver and two clerks that take calls to schedule clients.

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