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Jim Hogg County’s Constitutional Court officers. Front - Left to Right: County Attorney Rodolfo Gutierrez, Adult Probation officer Ruben Valerio. Back - Left to Right: Deputy Clerk Kathy Flores, Court Coordinator Rosa Gonzalez, Judge Humberto Gonzalez, District/County Clerk Sonia Morales and Court Bailiff Angel Garza.  The County court meets monthly in the District Courtroom.

Purpose and Responsibilities of the County Constitutional Court

The Constitutional Court of Jim Hogg County has been actively working to clear cases that have been pending.

County Judge Humberto Gonzalez presides over the County (constitutional) Court of Jim Hogg County. The court has original jurisdiction in probate matters, including mental illness and guardianships. The county judge acts as juvenile judge and serves on the Bi-County Juvenile Board which includes Duval County. The County Judge conducts marriages and acts as a coroner, when necessary.

The county court has jurisdiction in civil cases when the amount in controversy is at least $500 but not over $5,000. The County Court has concurrent jurisdiction with the district court when the disputed amount is between $500 and $5,000. The Court also has jurisdiction in probate matters, appellate (from justice of the peace courts) jurisdiction over Class C misdemeanors, and original jurisdiction in Class A and B misdemeanors where the fine imposed is not more than $3,000.

The county judge is the presiding officer and a voting member of the Commissioners’ Court and Constitutional County Court. In the role of presiding officer of the commissioner’s court, the county judge oversees all county government departments through the court's responsibility for approving annual budgets for the entire county.