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Agendas and Minutes



Public Notice

Commissioners Court Meeting


Jim Hogg County Courthouse, 102 E. Tilley
Hebbronville, Tx 78361
November 9, 2015
Addendum to Commissioners’ Court
21. Hire Elias Morales as Sheriff Dept. Investigator to be Paid from Line Item 10-540-106 Effective 11/09/15. [Requested By Sheriff Alarcon]
22 Promote Brian A. Chapa to Sergeant Jailer, Her Salary Will Be Supplemented from S9.85 To S10.85 Per Hr. The Supplement Will be Paid from the Abandoned Vehicle Account Salary Line Item 10-541-385 Effective 11/09/15. [Requested By Sheriff Alarcon]
Note 1 Gov’t Code Ann 551.071, Consultation With Attorney
Note 2 Gov’t Code Ann 551.072, Real Property
Note 3, Gov’t Code Ann 551.074, Personnel Matters
Note 4, Gov’t Code Ann 551.076, Security
The Commissioner. Court May Consider The Following Items In Executive Session. The Commissioners Court May Also Consider Any Other Matter Posted On The Agenda If There Are Issues That Require Consideration In Executive Session And The Commissioners Court Announces That The Item Will Be Considered During Executive Session.
Humberto Gonzalez, County Judge
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