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Agendas and Minutes



Public Notice
Regular Commissioners Court Meeting
Jim Hogg Co. Courthouse, 102 E. Tilley
Hebbronville, Tx 78361
March 14, 2016
9:30 A.m.
Call To Order By The Honorable Humberto Gonzalez County Judge
1. Roll Call By The Honorable Zonia G. Morales, Jim Hogg County Clerk
2. Pledge Of Allegiance
3. Prayer
4. Public Comments – This Section Provides The Public The Opportunity To Address The Commissioners Court On Any Item On The Agenda. Members Of The Public Wishing To Participate Must Register On The Public Participation List Specifying Which Agenda Item They Wish To Comment On.
5. Adoption Of Minutes
6. Departmental Reports
7. Approve Bills
8. Approve Payroll For 02/26/16 And 03/11/16.
9. Communications
A) Texas Dept. Of State Health Services On Zika Virus.
10. Dispense With Regular Order Of Business.

Reports And Presentations

Deliberate And Consider On The Following Items
11. Budget Amendments And/Or Budget Line Item Transfers.
12. Request From JHC Water Control & Improvement District #2 To Use Voting Equipment. 
13. Authorize County Clerk To Advertise For Maintenance Worker For Parks And Rec. Dept. [Requested By John Trevino, Parks & Rec. Sup.]
14. Approve Rey Fuentes Proposal For County Fair Video For The Amount Of $650.00. [Requested By Chelo Herrera/Co. Judge Humberto Gonzalez]
15. Hire _______________________ As Part-Time Custodian, 4 Hrs @$8.25 Per Hr. Effective 03/14/16. 
16. Approve 5310 1601 Master Grant Agreement #512XXF7150 In The Amount Of $8,000 Effective Oct. 1, 2015 Terminating Dec. 31, 2016 And Use Existing Fund 123. [Requested By Petra Garcia, Social Services]
17. Approve The Payment Of Election Judges And Clerks For Both Democrat And Republican (See Attached List) For Early Voting In Person Starting On Monday May 16,2016 – Friday May 20, 2016 From 9Am – 5 Pm, For The Primary Runoff Election Held On May 24, 2016 As Follows: Presiding Judge: $10.00 Asst. Presiding Judge: $9.50 Clerk: $9.00 (To Be Paid Out Of Elections 66-400-405) [Requested By Zonia Morales, County Clerk]
18. Approve To Pay Office Staff At County Clerk’s Office And Tax Assessor’s Office For Hours Worked After 7 Hours Per Day; During Early Voting Period Which Begins 03/14/16 Thru 05/24/16. Please Note That The Clerk’s Office And Tax Assessor’s Office Are Required By Law To Open On Election Day At 7 Am And To Remain Open Until Pools Close At 7 Pm And At Least Two People Stay Until The Final Results. (To Be Paid Out Of Elections 66-400-405) [Requested By Zonia Morales, County Clerk]
19. Approve Advertisement For Notice Of Early Voting Hours For Primary Runoff Election Held On May 24, 2016. ( To Be Paid Out Of Elections 66-400-405) [Requested By Zonia Morales, County Clerk]
20. Allow County Clerk To Continue To Employ Monica Carrera As Part Time Temporary Clerk To Help Office During The Application For An Early Ballot By Mail For The Primary Runoff Election Held May 24, 2016. Clerk Will Begin As Of March 4, 2016 Thru May 24, 2016 At The Rate Of $8.50/Hr For 4 Hrs A Day. (To Be Paid Out Of Elections 66-400-405) [Requested By Zonia Morales, County Clerk]
21. Clerk Requesting To Have Epollbooks Put On A Sharing Network. Working With Adam Ogan And Hart Intercivic. (To Be Paid Out Of Elections 66-400-405) [Requested By Zonia Morales, County Clerk]
22. Continuation Of County Policy On Brush And Debris. 

Resolutions And Proclamations

23. Adopt Order Authorizing San Jacinto Day Fireworks Sales. [Requested By Texas Association Of Counties]

Executive Sesson

24. Review Final Bills And Possible Payment To Comm Usa Security.
Note 1 Gov’t Code Ann 551.071, Consultation With Attorney
Note 2 Gov’t Code Ann 551.072, Real Property
Note 3 Gov’t Code Ann 551.074, Personnel Matters
Note 4 Gov’t Code Ann 551.076, Security
The Commissioners Court Will Consider The Following Items In Executive Session. The Commissioners Court May Also Consider Any Other Matter Posted On The Agenda If There Are Issues That Require Consideration In Executive Session And The Commissioners Court Announces That The Item Will Be Considered During Executive Session.


Pursuant To The Authority Granted Government Code, Chapter 551, The Commissioners Court May Convene A Closed Session To Discuss Any Of The Above Agenda Items. Immediately Before Any Closed Session, The Specific Section Or Sections Of The Government Code, Chapter 551 That Provides Statutory Authority Will Be Announced.
Dated This 11th Day Of March, 2016.
By: Humberto Gonzalez, County Judge

Certification Of Notice And Posting

I, The Undersigned, County Clerk, Do Hereby Certify That The Above Notice Of Meeting Of The Jim Hogg County Commissioners Court, Is A True And Correct Copy Of Said Notice, And That I Posted A True And Correct Copy Of Said Notice On The Bulletin Board At The Courthouse Of Jim Hogg County, Texas, At A Place Readily Accessible To The General Public At All Times On The 11th Day Of March, 2016 At 9:15Am And Said Notice Remains So Posted Continuously For At Least 72 Hours Preceding The Scheduled Time Of Said Meeting.
Dated This 11th Day Of March, 2016.
By: Zonia G. Morales, County Clerk