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Agendas and Minutes



Public Notice 
Regular Commissioners Court Meeting
Jim Hogg Co. Courthouse, 102 E. Tilley
May 23, 2016 
9:30 A.m. 
Call To Order By The Honorable Humberto Gonzalez County Judge 
16-05-018 Roll Call By The Honorable Zonia G. Morales, Jim Hogg County Clerk 
16-05-019 Pledge Of Allegiance
16-05-020 Prayer
16-05-021 Public Comments - This Section Provides The Public The Opportunity To Address The Commissioners Court On Any Item On The Agenda. Members Of The Public Wishing To Participate Must Register On The Public Participation List Specifying Which Agenda Item They Wish To Comment On.
16-05-022 Approve Bills | A-1
16-05-023 Approve Payroll For May 20, 2016. | A-2
16-05-024 Communications
A. Use Of Town Plaza For Wedding Of Eduardo Rodriguez & Ederina Silguero On June 18Th, 2016. | A-3
16-05-025 Reports And Presentations
A. Mr. Lozano, Texas Fleet Fuel To Make Presentation On Fuel Fleet Gasoline Issuance System. | A-4
16-05-026 Deliberate And Consider Action On The Following Items
A. Approve Budget Amendments And/Or Budget Line Item Transfers. | A-5
B. Open, Review And Possibly Accept Bank Depository Bid. | A-6
C. Discuss Video For The Businesses With Mr. Fuentes. | A-7
D. Open New Line Item On County Welfare Budget- Nutrition Center Expense.
1. Amend And Transfer $2680.00 From Line Item 10-565-423 To New Line Item. 
2. Amend And Transfer $500.000 From Line Item 10-565-312 To New Line Item. [Requested By Petra Garcia, I & A] | A-8
E. Discuss And Possibly Approve List Of County Property That Can Be Sold Thru A Bidding Process. [Requested By County Judge Humberto Gonzalez] | A-9
F. Review And Approve Budget As Presented For Lifeguard Salaries From The Child Safety Budget. [Requested By John Trevino, Parks & Rec] | A-10
G. Hire The Following Lifeguards @ The Rate Of $8.75 Per Hr., 26 Hrs. Per Week From June 6, 2016 To July 29, 2016: (8 Weeks) Chantel Cerna, Brandon Carballo, Chloe Palacios, Alicia Puig, Luis Rodriguez And Deandra Salinas. [Requested By John Trevino, Parks & Rec.] | A-11
H. Approve Lcc Sponsorship Fees For Lifeguard Certification In The Amount Of $1,500.00 To Be Paid From The Child Safety Fund Line Item 76-400-407. [Requested By John Trevino, Parks & Rec.] | A-12
I. Discuss And Approve Pool Party Guidelines:
• Users Must Provide 2 Certified Lifeguards At Their Expense From Our Current Certified Lifeguard Employees.
• Pay Hourly Fee Of $150.00 Max Of 2 Hrs. [Requested By John Trevino, Parks & Rec] | A-13
J. Dawson Geographical Co. Requesting The Use Of Chancaca Road. [Requested By Commissioner Sandalio Ruiz] | A-14
K. Authorize County Clerk To Advertise For Temporary Part-Time At Library At The Rate Of $8.75 Per Hr. | A-15
L. Approve Monthly Tax Collection And Adjustment Report For April 2016. [Requested By Norma Hinojosa, Tax Assessor/Collector] | A-16
M. Approve ACA Reporting And Tracking Service (Arts) 2016 Renewal Confirmation Program Agreement. [Requested By Gloria Benavides, County Treasurer] | A-17
N. Payment To Tom Oaks Construction For Draw #4. These Are Funds Commissioners Court Agreed To Pay Contractor When Initial Construction Bid Was Negotiated And Bid Was Lowered. The Amount Of Draw The County Is Obligated To Pay At This Time Is $23,433.80. [Requested By Javier Zambrano] | A-18
16-05-027 Resolutions And Proclamations
A. Adopt Order [Prohibiting Or Restricting] Certain Fireworks In Unincorporated Areas Of Jim Hogg County, Texas. | A-19
B. Adopt Order [Prohibiting Or Restricting] Outdoor Burning. | A-20 
16-05-028 Executive Session
Note 1 Gov’t Code Ann 551.071, Consultation With Attorney
Note 2 Gov’t Code Ann 551.072, Real Property
Note 3 Gov’t Code Ann 551.074, Personnel Matters
Note 4 Gov’t Code Ann 551.076, Security

The Commissioners Court Will Consider The Following Items In Executive Session. The Commissioners Court May Also Consider Any Other Matter Posted On The 
Agenda If There Are Issues That Require Consideration In Executive Session And The Commissioners Court Announces That The Item Will Be Considered Executive Session. 
16-04-029 Adjourn
Pursuant To The Authority Granted Under Government Code, Chapter 551, The Commissioners Court May Convene A Closed Session To Discuss Any Of The Above Agenda Items. Immediately Before Any Closed Session, The Specific Section Or Sections Of Government Code, Chapter 551 That Provide Statutory Authority Will Be Announced.
Dated This 19th Day Of May, 2016.
By Humberto Gonzalez, County Judge

Certification Of Notice And Posting

I, The Undersigned, County Clerk, Do Hereby Certify That The Above Notice Of Meeting Of The Jim Hogg County Commissioners Court, Is A True And Correct 
Copy Of Said Notice, And That I Posted A True And Correct Copy Of Said Notice On The Bulletin Board At The Courthouse Of Jim Hogg County, Texas, At A Place Readily Accessible To The General Public At All Times On The 19th Day Of May, 2016 At 4:25 Pm And Said Notice Remained So Posted Continuously For At Least 72 Hours Preceding The Schedule Time Of Said Meeting.
Dated This 19th Day Of May, 2016.
By Zonia G. Morales, County Clerk
By Kathy Morales, Deputy Clerk